THE WORLD IS MY PLAYGROUND - DAILY TRAVEL VLOGS - I’m taking you with me on my journey - I travel around the world by BOAT or BICYCLE, MOTORBIKE, CAMPER VAN or any other way

I'm Huub van der Mark. Or, if you really want to know Hubertus Petrus Wilhelmus van der Mark

A Canon 80D, a Sony Rx 100 II, a DJI Mavic Pro and a Zhiyun V2 is in my bag. Why? It’s the minimum I need to have to make good quality VLOGS

I edit on FCPX on a Macbook Pro

I graduated economics. I don't know why because I don't really like economics and I also studied acting in Cape Town and New York City for 3 years

My backpack mainly consists of electronics. But there's some space left for a few socks, shirts and shorts



I grew op on a horseback riding farm, competed international horseback riding and won
2 silver medals at European Championships

After graduating economics and starting to work, I found out that this was not how I wanted to spend my life

I moved to South Africa where, after a working period I started acting school. This continued in New York City for 2 years. Then I didn't get my working visa because I didn't have substantial results in acting yet, so I thought...

then I'll just create my own stuff...


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